Hello there, my name’s Fiona Elizabeth and I’m so happy you stopped by!


Let me tell you a little something about me….


I hold a loving space for those who are hungry to know who and what they truly are. I guide and support people on an empowering journey of self-love, self-awareness and self-knowledge. Moving from feeling broken, unloved and unworthy, trapped in other people’s boxes, to building their own unique inner temple, knowing their true purpose and standing sovereign and loved in the knowledge of who they truly are; bringing to light their true nature, their unique expression of self, their own truth through the sacred words of I AM.


I have been teaching group and 1:1 classes for over 30 years now. I have a Master in Metaphysics and diplomas in Spiritual Counselling, Relaxation Therapy and Journal Therapy. I am a Teacher of Being, a Self-Love Leader, a Metaphysical Ordained Minister & a Spiritual Counsellor.



I had let others define me


You know all my life I had let people walk all over me. I had let them define me, I had let them tell me what I could or could not do, what I could or could not say, where I could or could not go. I had allowed other’s thoughts, beliefs and perceptions to craft my story and I had lived in the shadows of their fears and their pain, keeping my life smothered and on hold. I didn’t know what I was, I didn’t know who I was. I only knew that I was not what they said I was. I was not how they defined me.


For years I had struggled with low self-esteem, guilt, shame, unworthiness – the list was endless! I had lived up in my head for most of my life, and out of my body for just as long. I had numbed my pain and my feelings with anything I could and squashed everything down as deep as possible, in order to get myself through the day. I could not relate to the out-side world; I just didn’t fit into it. I never felt good enough and I had reversed into myself and made myself invisible. I couldn’t speak up for myself, I would just choke up and cry because over the years I had silenced my own voice rather than the voices of others and I just existed in the illusion that I was nothing and unworthy of anything.


My life drifted back and forth from the pain and wounds of the past and the hope and expectations offered by the future. The present was just something I had to get through in order to someday live my life. The truth was I had completely lost my sense of self – or maybe I never had a sense of self – and I had rendered myself powerless.


Although years previously I had somehow managed to find the strength to leave an abusive and extremely controlling marriage of 23 years, my oldest child had also estranged himself from his family and friends and I had never gotten over the guilt and shame and unworthiness that was left to fester within me. I was in severe financial difficulty, I had lost my house, I was more than 20 kilos over weight and suffering from very high blood pressure, severe headaches and depression.


Enough was enough!


The turning point came one seemingly ordinary morning when I woke up with three plain words swimming round and round in my head BE – ONE – NOW and, yet, in all their simplicity, I could not understand what they meant. In that precise moment I heard a gentle yet firm voice say ‘…Just STOP’! I got up, walked to the park with my dog and I took over a bench. And on that day, I knew that finally ‘enough, was enough’ and I could no longer continue as I was. I listened to that voice and I stopped! I stopped fighting. I stopped resisting. I stopped reading. I stopped listening – to others and, above all, I stopped listening to the destructive monologue in my head.


Day after day, week after week, I just sat on that bench for hours and I just breathed consciously and, like a crazy woman, I shouted ‘STOP’ at that voice in my head! I sat and observed the trees, through rain and sunshine and wind, in the cold and in the heat, and I thought about those three words and their meanings. I cried, I journaled, I wrote poetry, I let go. I cried some more and even some more. And just observing and allowing nature to be my teacher, I finally understood the power of these three simple words and my healing began.


I gradually started to cast off my false self and the form that I had created to protect me. Learning to love and care for myself and letting go of all that I was not, I lost those 20 kilos, my health problems disappeared, my self-confidence soared. I now define me, and I define me with the love I know that I am and the same love I know that you are too. I now stand filled and empowered in that love that can now overflow out into the world.


Stand up and claim yourself!


I’m here to help you to stand up and claim and own who you truly are – you YOUnique BEingness. To guide and support you on an empowering journey of letting go of what you are not and bringing to light your true nature, your own unique expression of self, your own truth through the sacred words of I AM.


My wish, beautiful Being, is for you to know who and what you truly are. It will change your life too and one beautiful Being at a time, together we can change the consciousness of this world.


Much love and Blessings


The time has come for you to stand rooted in your own power and your own YOUniqueness!



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