There are many ways of connecting and honouring your body but whatever you do, you need to do it consciously, with awareness. For example… Conscious Breathing, meditation, Yoga, walking, jogging, gentle exercising, Tai Chi, dancing and many more.

I have fallen in love with conscious dancing and I’ve been doing it almost every day for the last few months. Consciously dancing yourself back to wholeness is joyful and loving and, I would also add miraculous! Through dancing we learn to get out of our heads and down into our bodies and accept ourselves in all our beauty. It releases the heaviness of the heart; it frees the mind; it allows us to knock down the barriers that we have built around ourselves and connect to the wholeness of creation and the true essence of our soul.


No right or wrong way


It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, how fit or unfit you are, how healthy or unhealthy, just move in any way you can and at your own pace. There are no rules, no judgement, no right or wrong, no good or bad. Just be with yourself, gentle and loving.


  • Choose any music that touches you on some level: any music that gives you the urge from within to move or sway or tap or nod to the rhythm and the beat;
  • Take off your shoes and feel your connection to the earth through your feet;
  • Close your eyes and consciously connect your mind to your body with your breathing:
  • Allow the music to seep into your body and honour what your body is hungering for – no judgement from the mind – just allow it to be and move in complete freedom;
  • Surrender your body and your mind to the music and allow the wholeness of your true being to embrace you in sacred oneness with sound and movement.


Experience connecting


When the music stops, just stand still for a few moments, arms hanging loosely by your sides. Stand in total awareness of how you are feeling in that moment.

Can you feel…

  • the life force pulsating and flowing around your entire body and head?
  • every cell tingling and vibrating with the life and love that is flowing into every corner of your body.
  • how your mind is calmed and your heart has expanded and you are now one with yourself?
  • the aliveness of who and what you truly are?


You have just experienced the sacred union of your body, your mind and your soul; the union of your humanity and your divinity. And had fun too!

Much love and Blessings

PS.. If  you  are  ready  to claim your true self, let go of what no longer serves you and create a life of love and joy for yourself, and would like some support in beginning your journey, then why not apply for a Fragrance of Being Session. It’s my gift to you.


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