I’ve just come back from a walk in my magical park and I wanted to share with you one of the first lessons I learned there – the importance of roots.

I have often spoken about the turning point in my life when one seemingly ordinary morning about 3 years ago, I woke up early with three plain words swimming round and round in my head BE – ONE – NOW. Such simple words but I had no idea what they meant. In the midst of trying to figure out where they came from, I heard a very gentle, loving, yet firm voice saying ‘…Just stop’! I can’t explain why, but I listened and I literally stopped – everything. I stopped fighting, I stopped resisting, I stopped reading, I stopped listening to others and I stopped listening, above all, to that cruel, poisonous voice in my head. I just got up, walked to the park with my beloved dog Fea and took over a bench and there I just sat and observed the trees for hours on end.


Dancing to the rhythms of life


My bench was surrounded by Poplar trees and these beautiful trees became my first nature mentors. They are incredibly tall, growing anywhere between 80 to 150 feet high and have a roots that stretch down into the earth as far as two or three times their height.These majestic, towering beauties revealed to me the true meaning of having roots.

Observing them in wonder each day, I saw that no matter what the weather was like, sunny, rain, gentle breeze, hurricane winds, whether the temperatures were high or low, they would just joyfully shimmer and sway and bend in their delight to be alive. They would just dance to the rhythms of life and mystery and sing songs of Union and Oneness.

Poplars know no fear because they live in the now; they don’t look to the past or the future that are the sources of all our fears, worries and anxieties. They live in the NOW and celebrate the present and they teach the Is-ness of life. They speak of overcoming, and resilience and going with the flow; they speak of growth and connection and union. They transmitted to me a sense of wonder and such a blissful connection to the divine that I had never experienced before.

They taught me that with solid roots, no matter what happened in my life, I could sway and swirl and twist and bend but I would no longer fall.


Much love and Blessings

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