Have you ever fallen into the trap of overwhelm?



I find the beginning of a whole new year ahead very exciting. I love looking back over the past year and reflecting on what I have learned about myself, seeing what I have achieved, and celebrating how much I have grown through all the inevitable challenges I have had to face. Everything is new and full of possibilities.


I love the idea of creating a new vision, doing new things, learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge, having new goals, writing new schedules. I get excited and motivated and can’t wait to start…but then, half way through January, I inevitably seem to find myself falling into the trap of overwhelm! “There’s so much to do; where do I start?; I don’t have enough time to plan everything.” Fear, and uncertainty, and self-doubt silently creep in and before I know it…boom they are in residence!


Musting, having to and shoulding!



The critical voice in my head starts having a field day – “There’s so much to do and you haven’t even started yet; it’s half way through January already, and you still haven’t scheduled anything; you aren’t organised enough; you haven’t gone deep enough; you need more ideas; you should add all these things to your to do list; you must start scheduling each new project as soon as possible, or you’ll never get started; ahhhhh! there’s too much to do, there’s too little time …” and so on and so on and so off! I find myself falling down a rabbit hole of musting, and having to, and shoulding myself. Yes, STILL! Yes, AGAIN! Sound familiar?


You know, feeling overwhelmed for whatever reason – work, relationships, family, life situations – is a signal; a very clear signal from our body telling us that our head has moved into a different time zone. Yes, we are now totally living in the future! We’ve got distracted and our mind has now taken over and is intent on being in control. We are thinking, and worrying, and stressing about all the things that need to be done in the future; not now, in this moment, but in the future. Yet, unfortunately, thinking and worrying and stressing about things we have to do in the future, is not getting them done now! In fact, it just delays and postpones them even further.



The mind dwells in the past or the future



The mind is incapable of living in the present moment – it dwells in the past or the future. It consumes our energy and distracts our focus from the present moment that, in reality, is the only moment we can actually do anything. In reality, it is more our mind that stops us from getting things done, rather than the lack of time!


This is where self-awareness comes into play! We need to pay attention to how we are feeling – we need to check in regularly with our bodies throughout the day. When we know ourselves, we quickly recognise what is going on, we can read the messages, and we are able to take the necessary steps to reconnect our mind and body, get back into the present, and back in alignment with who we really are.



Choices and options



When we are back in the present moment; when we bring our awareness back into the now, we are able to realize that everything is just what it is, and right here, right now, we have choices and we have options that can shift things very quickly.


We can choose to stop right where we are and take deep, gentle breaths; grounding ourselves in our bodies and reconnecting with our heart. We can choose to stop resisting our feelings and emotions, and acknowledge them with love for letting us know what is going on. We can choose to handle things from a place of clarity and calmness and be gentle with ourselves. We can choose to decide what matters to us the most, what our priorities are; what can be done at a later date; what can be crossed off the list, or be delegated. We can then give our focused attention and action to the things that are most important to us.


Ultimately, no matter how hard we try, we can only do one thing at a time, but if we choose to do the best we can in any given moment, eventually everything that is worthwhile for us, will get done.



In the present moment



In the present moment, we can change the situation, we can change how we feel, we can change how we approach things. We can choose to schedule things and we can choose not to beat ourselves up, if we can’t manage to do things, or deal with things in that moment. We can choose where we put our energy and attention in this moment in time, and step by step, thought by thought, feeling by feeling, action by action, day by day, we can manifest our vision and our desires; we can achieve our goals; we can change our situations.


And right now, I choose to do the very best I can in this present moment, to support and hold my vision and my intentions. Overwhelm begone!


How about you? What are choosing to do.



Our power is always in the present, in the now.



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First and foremost lovely one, be gentle and kind to yourself!



BIG Love and fragrant Blessings!

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