Practicing Self-Love When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed or Stressed is Essential


Practicing self-love during times of overwhelm and stress is essential for maintaining our well-being and finding much needed balance in our lives. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s soooo easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed, isn’t it! We often prioritize the needs of others or get caught up in all our responsibilities, leaving very little time, if any, for us. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does! You know, somewhere down the line, we were taught to believe that everyone and everything– whether our children, our partners, our work, our friends, our pets, the cleaning, the washing, the cooking, and whatever else comes to mind – has to come before us, otherwise, we are selfish, unloving, bad people.


How often do you find yourself with so much to do, and an unrealistic amount of time to do it all in? And how often are you, the things you love, or the things that bring you joy, just optionals in your life, and are rarely, if ever, even considered? Are you even on your ‘to do’ list? Probably not!



Stop doing you. You are not a task to get done. Start practicing self-love.

Be love. Become you.



In this blog post, we will explore some effective strategies and practical examples to help you prioritize and practice self-love when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed.


1.Recognize the Importance of Self-Love


First of all, self-love is not selfish. Selfishness is the “I love you if….”, conditional type of love that comes from the ego. Self-love, on the other hand, is a heart-centred, unconditional love that expands and embraces everyone and everything. It is a fundamental aspect of maintaining a healthy and balanced life. It involves nurturing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it’s not something just nice to do when you have some spare time, it’s a necessity. By prioritizing self-love, you can replenish your energy, reduce stress, and approach challenges with a much clearer and more centred mindset.


2.Practice Self-Compassion


When you’re overwhelmed or stressed, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of self-criticism and negative self-talk. Yes, that constant, destructive voice in your head takes over, doesn’t it! Stop beating yourself up, and cultivate self-compassion, instead. Treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding that you would give to a loved one facing a challenging situation. Acknowledge that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, and remind yourself that right now you are doing the very best you can in the circumstances. Embrace self-compassion as a key guiding principle in your practice of self-love.


3.Set Boundaries and Prioritize Self-Care


During times of overwhelm, it’s essential to set boundaries and prioritize self-care. Learn to say no to all those commitments that drain your energy and leave you feeling worn out. Create space in your schedule for activities that bring you joy and rejuvenation. Whether it’s taking a bubble bath, going for a walk in nature, or simply curling up on the sofa with a good book, make self-care a non-negotiable part of your daily routine.


4.Practice Mindfulness and Deep Breathing


Mindfulness and deep breathing techniques are powerful tools to help you navigate stressful situations and cultivate self-love. Take a few moments each day to practice deep breathing exercises, focusing on each breath as it enters and leaves your body. Engage in mindfulness practices such as meditation or simply bringing your attention to the present moment. These practices can help calm your mind, reduce stress, and increase self-awareness.


5.Do Things That Bring You Joy


When you’re overwhelmed, it’s easy to neglect all the activities that bring us joy and fulfilment, but the truth is that reconnecting with those activities is essential for self-love. Make a list of hobbies or interests that make you feel peaceful, alive and inspired. Whether it’s painting, reading, dancing, playing a musical instrument, or gardening, allocate time for these activities regularly. Doing what brings you joy replenishes your spirit and reminds you of your uniqueness, your passions, and talents.


6.Seek Support and Connection


During challenging times, seek support and reach out to trusted friends, family members, or support groups to share your feelings and experiences. Sometimes, simply expressing your struggles and challenges can provide a sense of relief and help you to change your perspective and perceptions. Surround yourself with people who uplift and support you, and don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. You don’t have to face overwhelming situations alone.


7.Practice Gratitude and Positive Affirmations


Cultivating gratitude and positive affirmations can shift your perspective and facilitate self-love. Take time each, and every day to reflect on all the things you are grateful for, no matter how small, no matter how simple. Write them down, or simply say them out loud. This practice helps to reframe your mind to focus on the positives in your life, even in challenging times. Additionally, develop a list of positive affirmations that uplift and empower you to counteract that negative self-talk in your head. Repeat these affirmations daily, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Some examples of positive affirmations include:


  • “I am worthy of love, compassion, and self-care.”
  • “I have the strength and resilience to overcome any challenges.”
  • “I trust in my abilities to navigate through difficult times.”
  • “I am deserving of peace, joy, and happiness.”



8.Take Care of Your Physical Health


Self-love encompasses caring for your physical well-being as well. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, eating food that nurtures you, and doing some regular exercise. Doing any form of physical activity releases endorphins, which are natural mood boosters. Prioritize activities that promote relaxation, such as yoga, stretching, or taking leisurely walks. When your body feels cared for and nurtured, it positively impacts your overall sense of well-being and self-love.


9.Practice Self-Reflection and Journaling


Plan time in your day for self-reflection and journaling to gain clarity and insights into how you are feeling and what is rising up from within you – remember that self-awareness is key. Use this time to explore the source of your overwhelm and stress. Write about your emotions, your challenges, and any patterns or triggers that you have noticed recently. Journaling provides a safe and loving outlet for all those thoughts and feelings that are holding you back, helping you to process and understand them much more. It also allows you to track and acknowledge your progress and celebrate your precious moments of growth and resilience.


10.Embrace Imperfection and Let Go of Perfectionism


Overwhelm and stress are often caused by our need to be perfect. Instead of striving for perfection, embrace the beauty and uniqueness of imperfection. Know that it’s okay to make mistakes, and know that EVERYBODY makes them –yes, everybody! Making mistakes and learning from them is part of being human! Stop beating yourself up for your mistakes – now you know what works and what doesn’t! Let go of all those unrealistic expectations and give yourself permission to be human and just be you – perfectly, imperfect you! Accept that you’re doing the best you can right now, with the resources and knowledge you have, right now. By embracing imperfection, you free yourself from unnecessary pressure and open up space for self-love and self-acceptance.


Final Thoughts…


Practicing self-love during times of overwhelm and stress is essential for maintaining balance, well-being, and a positive mindset. By prioritizing self-compassion, setting boundaries, engaging in self-care, and seeking support, you can navigate challenging situations with more ease and grace. Remember to practice mindfulness, engage in activities that bring you joy, and cultivate gratitude and positive affirmations. Let go of aiming for perfectionism, just allow yourself to be the amazing YOU that YOU are. Allow yourself to grow and flourish into YOU.

Ultimately, practicing self-love is a lifelong journey of nurturing and honouring your body, mind, and spirit. Start incorporating these strategies into your daily life today and open yourself up to the transformative power of self-love when overwhelm and stress take over. Remember….


Stop doing you. You are not a task to get done. Start practicing self-love.

Be love. Become you.



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Fiona Elizabeth is a Teacher of Beingness and Self-love leader. She has a Master in Metaphysical Science and is a certified Metaphysical Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counsellor, Shadow Worker, and Journal Therapist.

“My mission is to hold a safe, nurturing space for you to grow and live a life that is grounded in self-love, self-knowledge, self-transformation, and spiritual alignment. Teaching and sharing self-love and spiritual practices that nourish your needs, mind, and heart, and support you in aligning with your highest self and purpose. “

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