Know yourself and the truth will set you free.

Journalling is more than just a method of recording events. It is a beacon of self-discovery and introspection, a gateway to our soul, a mirror reflecting our innermost thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and desires. The act of putting pen to paper is a powerful tool for self-acknowledgment. It creates a sacred space for us to express ourselves freely, explore our deepest fears, celebrate our victories, and confront our perceived limitations. Journalling does not judge; it listens. It is this aspect of unconditional acceptance that makes journalling an invaluable companion on the journey towards self-understanding and personal growth.


The Academy of Beingness & Self-love


Opening Soon – The Academy of Beingness and Self-love. Embark on a transformative journey back home to YOUR true self through my YOUnique Uncover YOU – Be YOU Process. This Academy is dedicated to YOU – yes, to YOU – nurturing YOUR inner self, learning to love YOURSELF, discovering YOUR fragrance of being, and supporting YOU to live YOUR most authentic life. Through a curriculum of courses and guides, mindfulness activities, workshops, meditations, practices, journalling prompts, affirmations, videos…and more, I invite YOU to explore the depths of YOUR beingness and unlock the doors to self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. Come and join me and awaken to the beauty of being YOU.



Awakening Your Inner Goddess: A Journey to Self-discovery and Empowerment

Embark on a transformative journey that not only nurtures your soul but also aligns you with the Universe. We go beyond the surface, diving deep into the essence of your being, uncovering your Inner Goddess and discovering the powerful energies of your Divine Feminine (Venus) and your Divine Masculine (Mars) as revealed by your Birth-Day chart. This celestial blueprint offers profound insights into how these divine energies manifest within you, influence your path to empowerment, and awaken your Inner Goddess. Discover the harmonious balance of your Divine Feminine and Masculine energies through bespoke I AM Statements of Being. Imagine uncovering the essence of your being, embracing the fullest expression of your Inner Goddess, unlocking your potential and living the life you are destined for.


Stand rooted in your power and beauty and allow the

YOUnique Fragrance of your Being to come forth.




I guide women on a journey to deep self-awareness and self-love, helping them to uncover their uniqueness and embrace their true selves. Join me in embracing a life enriched by self-knowledge, self-transformation, and, most importantly, LOVE.

I believe that when we love and accept ourselves fully, we deepen our connection to the divine, we live more authentic, fulfilling lives, we thrive on all levels – mind, body, and spirit – and, consequently, we are led to discovering a greater purpose in life.

As a teacher of Self-love, Beingness, and the power of I AM, I blend my expertise in Metaphysical Science with heart and soul experience and Nature’s wisdom. Teaching and sharing self-love and spiritual practices that nourish your needs, mind, and heart, and support you in aligning with your highest self and purpose.

Unlike traditional self-help approaches that often focus on external validation, my Uncover You – Be You process invites you to tap into your own inner wisdom and strengths. This journey guides you back home to who you truly are, enabling profound personal growth and fulfilment without losing your way or compromising your authenticity. By leaning into this transformative process, you’ll achieve a balanced, joyful, and loving life, grounded in your beingness.




Fiona Elizabeth creates the most beautiful and empowering I AM/Statements of Being meditations bespoke to YOU. The meditation is recorded beautifully, and her voice is that of an angel that speaks to your soul like no one else. The meditation is effective very quickly and deeply through all levels of your energetic, mental, and physical layers (my pains are diminishing too). I listen to mine several times a day and I am changed. She takes a great deal of care and time getting the right phrases that fit exactly who and where you are right now, and how you feel after an in-depth conversation with her. Her work with my Divine Feminine and my Divine Masculine was amazing and made more sense of my birth chart than anything else could or has. I feel so much better; more empowered and grounded, connected, loved and loving. Fiona Elizabeth is a truly authentic, compassionate, and beautiful soul/lady and I cannot recommend her services and experience highly enough.

Victoria Ann Wright

Pet and Nature photographer

Fiona has the ability to really connect with people, take care of them and valorise who they truly are. Working with her is a chance to be connected each day and make meditation an integral part of my life. I love her meditations and all the exercises and tools she gives us to connect back to ourselves and balance our energies in our daily lives.

Federica Bertamino


What I absolutely love about Fiona Elizabeth’s teachings – all aimed at connecting ourselves to our hearts and showing ourselves compassion and love –  is that they are all so easily do-able wherever you are and they can fit into your day even if you’re short of time. It makes so much difference to spend quality time with ourselves.

Miranda Rowe

AromaReflex practitioner, Miri Oils

Fiona is a natural nurturer and has a wonderfully calm and healing energy around her. Working with her is a lovely experience and she holds a very safe and nurturing space where you can explore your own healing journey and feel very supported in doing so. Fiona reminds you to come back into yourself and breathe, often just when you need it most and her meditations are wonderful, along with her daily prompts for the I AM affirmations. They quite often come at a time when I really need to stop and just breathe. She is one of the truly beautiful souls of this earth.

Esta Robinson

Reiki Teacher and Holistic Therapist, Aurora Shine

The meditation Fiona made for me instills in me a kind of stillness that I haven’t experienced in quite the same way before. I feel it’s the purity of the energy that Fiona brings into the meditation. Her soothing voice creates a serene atmosphere and I love the idea that the meditation was created especially for me.

Diane Brommer

Life Coach and Entrepreneur, Magic Pumpkin

I feel very blessed to have connected with Fiona Elizabeth. Her teachings have assisted me daily in keeping myself balanced and grounded. One of the many skills she has is making you feel at ease, so you are able to explore with her any troubles you may have. I have been setting my alarm 5 times a day for a number of months now to do a breathing technique she shared, and it has really helped me reduce my stress levels by slowing down and being in the present!

Sharon Bentley

Wisdom Intuitive

Fiona created a beautiful personal meditation track for me that has supported me to take my work out into the world with a new sense of possibility and trust. Her gentle and inspiring words are a wonderful resource that I can turn to when I feel overwhelmed and need a sense of my own sacred space in the world. I would recommend Fiona’s support to anyone who wants to feel grounded, nurtured and inspired to move forwards on their own path. Thank you Fiona – I think your work is very much needed in the world.

Jane Robbins

Flower Essence Practitioner, Flower Essence Pathways

Fiona Elizabeth has a deep Soul commitment to anchoring one to one’s Source Presence. In working with her, I have been able to acknowledge my Past and let go of what no longer serves, what to be Present to Now, and what to commit to in shaping my Success and wellbeing as an Empowered woman, NLP Coach and Vibrational Energy Healer. I highly recommend working with her; her caring and ability to stay the course has been a great source of joy.

Monique van Oosterhout

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