YOU – through self-awareness and self-knowledge – are the fastest way, indeed the only way, to truly transforming your life!



Your power comes from knowing who and what you are. The book of your life, your story, the meaning of your life, the purpose of your life, is within you. It is not written in the pages of a book written by someone else; created by someone else; defined by someone else; in the words of someone else. You have to look for it within you; you have to go within you to read it!



Lovely beings, it’s time! Yes, it’s time – for us to stop just reading book after book on how others have transformed their lives and to start transforming our own. It’s time to stand in our own power, know who we truly are and accept our YOUniqueness!

For most of my life, I had struggled with low self-esteem, guilt, shame, unworthiness – the list was endless! I had always lived up in my head and believed that my body was just something to carry my head around from place to place. I never felt good enough, I never knew what to do or say, and I couldn’t speak up for myself. I tried so hard to be and do what everyone wanted, but whatever I did was never enough. All I knew was that I was not what they said I was; I was not how they defined me, but I didn’t know what or who I was – and all I wanted to know was this! That was all! Why did everyone else seem to know who they were – and not me? I could not understand why, and it hurt – a lot! I ended up just silently defending myself from the outside world and suffering and fighting and struggling to be me. I didn’t know back then but I had no sense of self. I allowed others to tell me who and how I should be, and what I should do, or had to do; I allowed others to take away my power. I had rendered myself powerless.

I spent years reading amazing book, after inspiring book, after motivating book and thinking ‘this one will hold the key’, ‘this one will give me the secret’ and ‘this one will automatically transform my life’, and finally I will be happy, and life will be wonderful. But, you know, it never happened! My head was overflowing with metaphysical, religious and self-help knowledge, – all just fogging my thoughts and actually limiting my visibility to truly see me and Source. Somehow, I managed to understand that, although I was well informed, the simple truth was that I actually knew nothing for everything was just in my head – I had only ‘headucated’ myself ! I had no real experience of any of it; nothing had been embodied – nothing was me!


The turning point


The turning point came in a moment when I had totally hit rock bottom! One very ordinary morning when I woke up with three very simple words swimming round and round in my head – BE – ONE – NOW – and in all their simplicity, I could not understand what they meant. And then I heard a very gentle but firm voice say ‘Stop…Just stop!’ and, somehow, I listened and I did just that. I got up, walked to the park with my dog and took over a bench…..and, as the voice had said….. I stopped! I stopped fighting, resisting, reading, listening to others and above all, I stopped listening to that destructive toxic voice in my head.

I sat for hours on that bench every day for months. I started to become aware of what was around me and nature became my teacher. I started to become aware of me and what I was thinking and telling myself continuously; I became aware of all the anger and resentment and sadness and pain in my body and I finally allowed myself to feel it and comforted myself. I learned to be present in my body – my thoughts descended to my heart and my emotions ascended to my heart and they finally connected. I began to feel who I was and understand what I needed and what I wanted, and this brought out the compassion for myself that had been locked up in my heart all those years. I began to embody the core truths I had only read about; I began to know myself; I began to finally be aware of myself.

One day – in a moment of sheer anger – I jumped up with such force and screamed out loud “I AM – I EXIST – AND I HAVE THE DIVINE RIGHT TO BE HERE!  The feelings were so raw and so empowering that for the first time in my entire life I had a sense of me – I experienced my space – I finally experienced me! I was me and nobody else!


Will things every change for me?


While we spend our time just reading about transformation, time continues to fly by and one day we look at our overflowing bookcases and realize that 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, or even more, have somehow passed us by. Yes, we may have changed a little over the years, maybe even a bit more, but…the pain, the trauma, the disappointments, the insecurities, the doubts, the lack of self worth, the feelings of being misunderstood, of dis-empowerment, of brokenness are all still there; along with all those questions we’ve being asking ourselves for years – Why me? Why did they manage to change their lives? Why can’t I? What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do anything right? What have I done to deserve this? Will things ever change for me?

Yes, lovely being, things can change for you, just as they finally did for me, but not merely by reading books.I searched for myself in books for most of my life, I looked for myself in other people’s experiences, I looked for myself in the books on my shelves and the bookshelves of any bookshop I passed by, but I finally discovered myself in an abandoned park – in my magical park; I finally found myself – in the only place possible – in the only place I could be – inside of me!


Searching for ourselves outside of ourselves


I love books! I have read every single day of my life since I learned to read – except in those months in my park. One of my greatest passions is buying and reading books and doing courses, so what I’m saying is not about not reading or not studying. Books and courses are wonderful sources for inspiration, and motivation; for support and guidance; for gaining new insights, new ideas, new concepts, new awareness, but they cannot substitute YOU; they cannot substitute awareness or knowledge of yourself.

I have read some amazing ‘life-changing’ books – I have been inspired, I have been motivated, I have cried – oh god how I have cried! – I have been comforted, confirmed, supported, I found hope to go on in extremely difficult times of my life. I have felt understood and heard and I stopped feeling that I was the only one that didn’t fit into the box that the world told be I had to, otherwise, I was bad, stupid, crazy, not normal!

‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay was the very first self-help book I read. Until then, I seriously thought I was the only person in the whole wide world that was unhappy, felt broken and had no confidence – how crazy was that! She gave me the hope and strength to carry on! And Iyanla Vanzant’s book ‘Yesterday I cried’, made me cry so much because her pain was my pain, and knowing I wasn’t alone helped me to soothe myself and again get back up and carry on. They planted seeds of hope within me.

The problem is after a while we become addicted to them. We devour them, and then want the next one, and the next one that will give us a ‘high’ for a day, or two, or week, or two. We end up just searching for ourselves, outside of ourselves; we look to others to give us the key to unlock our prison and magically transform our lives. We search for ourselves in other people’s experiences and other peoples’ lives. But it doesn’t happen – it can’t happen! You know why? Because it is all remains up there in our heads; it’s all passive knowledge. There is no integration, nothing is embodied; it’s not who we are; it’s not our experience. We know a lot about Spirit and Source and about self-help and transformation but we aren’t living it – it’s separate from us; it’s all outside of us.


Your power comes from knowing who you are and what you are


Your power comes from knowing who and what you are. The book of your life, your story, the meaning of your life, the purpose of your life, is within you. It is not written in the pages of a book written by someone else; created by someone else; defined by someone else; in the words of someone else. You have to look for it within you; you have to go within you to read it!

The more we know about ourselves, the more we understand what no longer serves us and we begin to change the beliefs that are limiting us and holding us back. We learn to find tools and practices and inspiring books and courses to support us on your journey.

This is your life; this is your book; these are all pages of your book and it’s time to start reading it, to start consciously writing it. This is not about being perfect – we didn’t come here to be perfect but real – we came here to experience who and what we truly are and ask ourselves this powerful question – What can I become?




BE-Coming Me!


I have created a membership group, called BE-Coming Me! to guide you to finding yourself in the only place possible – inside of you! My intention is to support and guide you to finding YOU; to have a strong sense of YOU. I want to help YOU to read the book of your life – the story, the meaning, the purpose of your life that is within YOU.

Remember, YOU – through self-awareness and self-knowledge – are the fastest, indeed the only way, to truly transforming your life!

Know yourself and the truth will set you free – free from the limits, constrictions and labels that others have placed upon you.

BE-Coming ME! is a safe, nurturing, supportive and loving space for you to focus on YOU.

It’s all about:

  • Discovering yourself through self knowledge and self-awareness;
  • Learning about self-love and compassion;
  • Taking responsibility for you and your sacred space;
  • Creating healthy boundaries – choosing who and what you allow in or out of your space;
  • Learning to let go of what no longer serves you;
  • Connecting to your I AM presence;
  • Understanding your purpose in this life;
  • Allowing nature to teach you;
  • Finding the answer to the question “What can I BE-Come?”.


This course is for you, if you…


  • truly want to know who and what you are;
  • have no sense of self, or a weak sense of self, and you allow anyone into your space;
  • struggle with low self-esteem, guilt, shame, unworthiness;
  • define yourself according to other people’s perceptions and definitions of you;
  • are continuously comparing yourself to others and think you are not enough because you are not like them;
  • can’t relate to the out-side world because you feel you don’t fit into it;
  • are feeling lost, insecure, lonely, worried, misunderstood, exhausted, overwhelmed most of the time;
  • are continuously nurturing others and never acknowledging your own needs;
  • try so hard to be and do what everyone else wants but whatever you do is never enough;
  • can’t focus on or conclude anything, not even the things you love doing or feel called to do;
  • live each day as if it is just something to get through in order to someday live the life you long for;
  • are continuously finding excuses to take that one leap that you know will make the difference in your life;
  • are ready to be empowered and stop caring what other people think of you;
  • are ready to transform your life on your terms and nobody else’s;
  • are ready to read the book of your life;
  • are ready to be you;
  • are ready to say “Enough is Enough!



This course isn’t for you, if you…


  • have already found yourself;
  • are satisfied with the way things are;
  • are happy to look for yourself outside of you;
  • are not ready to take responsibility for yourself or your life;
  • expect others to fix your life and fulfil your needs;
  • aren’t open to possibilities and change;
  • are more committed to staying stuck than creating time for you;
  • aren’t prepared to be and do the necessary work.



What transformation can I expect from this group?


Committing to yourself and participating in this group will give you the guidance and support, the tools and concepts to help you to start transforming your sense of self, discover who and what you truly are and make lasting changes in your life, obviously, if you commitment to following the practices, finding the time and doing the necessary work. You will begin to…



  • experience a profound shift in your sense of self;
  • know yourself;
  • perceive and connect to your own true presence and hear the voice of your authentic self;
  • wake up to the truth of who you are and what you are not;
  • own your uniqueness;
  • overcome self-doubt and negative self-talk;
  • open up to the inner power and potential that is yours;
  • change your beliefs, your story and your reality;
  • build a new reality based on love, balance and inner power;
  • evolve into a higher version of yourself;
  • believe in yourself and your gifts;
  • feel aligned with your life purpose;
  • experience more love and compassion for yourself and others;
  • wake up in the morning and shine your light with joy;

What will I get from this group?


Each month, there will be:

  • 2 live calls on Zoom – around new moon and full moon;
  • a dedicated Facebook group to connect and share with like-minded people;
  • a monthly theme and focused exercises to inspire and motivate you;
  • simple tools and daily practices to help you stay connected, grounded and present with yourself;
  • powerful, yet doable, exercises to help you to shift your consciousness of who you truly are;
  • guided meditations;
  • guests teachers – healers – complementary therapists to share a little of their wisdom with you to support and inspire you back home to YOU!




How much is the investment?


I am offering all of this for an investment of €27 per month.  


Bonuses when you join the group…


Bonus One:

You will receive a 30 minute 1:1 session with me to discover from your birth-chart who your inner sovereign – your inner authority – is and how you can align and work with her. I also create you some personal, empowering I AM Declarations from what we discover and prepare you a personal recording of them to listen to throughout your day.


Bonus Two:

You will also have access each week to materials from the new version of my course The A-Be-C of Self-love – (currently an investment of €157). This course is created around the 26 letters of the alphabet. Each word is an important concept of self-love, self-acceptance, self-awareness, self-care and discovering and owning who you truly are. With each letter you will become more familiar with the language of self-love and begin to understand it’s true meaning and significance in your life. I will show you how you can implement these concepts into your daily life to help you expand your consciousness and sense of self and provide you with effective, yet simple tools and experiential exercises to use each day to get you started on the journey to truly loving yourself and transforming your life.

There is no one like you lovely being, there never was, and there never will be!


Your power comes from knowing who and what you are – from self-awareness, self-knowledge and the presence of I AM within you – and nobody can take that from you. Are you ready to discover you?

Much love and fragrant blessings to you.

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