I AM Connected

Enrollment for this group is currently on hold. 

All I wanted was to know who I was. That was all! I asked the question a million times. Why did everyone else seem to know who they were; why not me? I could not understand why and it hurt, a lot, and I felt worthless. I felt as though I was just wandering alone aimlessly in a vast desert. I felt lost, and lonely, afraid and worried, misunderstood and overwhelmed most of the time and I couldn’t focus or conclude anything, not even the things I loved doing or felt called to doing.

One morning, I heard a voice that told me gently but firmly to ‘stop’ and I listened; when I just stopped, stopped reading, stopped listening to others and I went to the park with my dog and just sat there day after day, my life completely changed. Not instantly, but one big shift after another, one day at a time. You know why? Because I went inwards, I connected my head to my body, I experienced connection; I experienced wholeness. And in that connection, in that wholeness I found me. I found my True self. Not that which others had said I was or I wasn’t, or what I should be, or what I had to be, but me. I found me and I’m continuing to discover me every day.

But, you know, it’s not easy. You can’t let your guard down. The head, the ego, the Autos wants to command, they don’t want to lose their jobs!  When you let your guard down they move so silently and swiftly that before you realise it you are disconnected, disembodied and floating back up in your head! Back to feeling lost, insecure, lonely, worried, overwhelmed, comparing yourself to others, nurturing others and forgetting about yourself, feeling foggy and not good enough for your dreams and goals.

We can gather notion after notion, we can read the wisdom of others, we can read about the enlightenment of others but until we embody this wisdom, until we actually begin to consciously apply these notions in our daily lives, until they become an integral part of our lives, there can be no lasting changes.

I have been asking myself a lot recently about what I can do to help you to connect to yourself and stay connected through simple daily practices, how I can help you create the best daily habits and rituals for you, not for me, or for others, but for you, and how I can support you and inspire you on a regular basis to stand in your power so that you can then help others do the same; and all at a super affordable price!


The group is called I AM connected and my intention for it is to hold a sacred, loving and supportive space.

It has an experiential focus on presence and beingness, because if you want lasting changes in your life, it’s time to stop just reading about spiritual concepts and philosophies and start experiencing them, start living them. It’s time to know who you truly are and claim who you truly are. It’s time to get out of your head and into your body, its’s time to connect with yourself and be present with yourself. By getting you out of your head and down into your heart, showing you how to claim who you really are and sharing simple rituals and practices that you can use every day, in every moment, in any situation to keep you present and in your body, my aim is to help you expand your awareness of self and the environment around you.

You can find the best practices for you and create your own tool box to help you create the best daily habits and rituals for you to stay connected throughout the day, wherever you are.


This space is for you, if you:


  • continuously ask yourself the question Who am I? and still haven’t heard the answer;
  • think everyone else knows who they are and just won’t let you in on the secret;
  • have read a zillion books and been to as many workshops and are still waiting for the next book and the next workshop to automatically transform and enlighten you;
  • compare yourselves to others and think you are not enough because you are just not like them;
  • try to be like others in order to be accepted but then never feel good enough or accepted anyway;
  • can’t focus or conclude anything, not even the things you love doing or feel called to do;
  • know what your purpose is but continually find excuses to take that one leap that you know will make the difference;
  • are feeling lost, insecure, lonely, worried, misunderstood, overwhelmed most of the day;
  • are continuously nurturing others and never acknowledging your own needs;
  • know who you are but realise you experience a lot of days or long periods of feeling disempowered, overwhelmed and alone and would like some support.



How will this space transform you?


This space will help you to transform and make lasting changes, obviously, If you commitment to following the practices and rituals as often as you can; if you commit to doing something every day.

  • Being connected to your True self, you will
  • Be empowered
  • have more clarity than ever before
  • stand for and stand up for yourself and stand strong
  • own your uniqueness
  • believe in yourself and your gifts
  • feel aligned with your life purpose
  • experience more love and compassion for yourself and others

There is a Facebook forum, so the possibility to exchange experiences and be supported and throughout the month I upload guided meditations that you can download and listen to wherever and whenever you want, music for conscious dancing, affirmations, prayers, mantras, simple, quick, effective practices for being present throughout the day, grounding activities, techniques and ideas to experiment, inspirational messages by video, audio and text and so much more……

Are you ready to shine your light out onto the world?

Come and join us!

Enrollment for this group is currently on hold. 


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