Awakening your Inner Goddess: A Journey to Self-Discovery and Empowerment





Self-awareness, Self-love, & Self-knowledge

are the keys to transforming your life.




Awakening Your Inner Goddess: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment



Embark on a transformative journey that not only nurtures your soul but also aligns you with the Universe. Our work together goes beyond the surface, diving deep into the essence of your being, uncovering your inner Goddess, and discovering the powerful energies of your Divine Feminine (Venus) and your Divine Masculine (Mars) as revealed by your Birth-Day chart.


This celestial blueprint offers profound insights into your unique essence, revealing how these divine energies manifest within you, influence your path to empowerment, and awaken your inner Goddess.


Discover the harmonious balance of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies through bespoke I AM Statements of Being and Meditation. Imagine uncovering the essence of your being, embracing the fullest expression of your inner Goddess, unlocking your potential and living the life you’re destined for.




What if the Path to Your True Self is Closer Than You Think?



Envision a life where you:


  • Embrace your authentic self, living with purpose and passion.
  • Experience a profound transformation, elevating your life in ways you never thought possible.
  • Cultivate genuine, lasting confidence that radiates from within.
  • Feel deeply connected, grounded, and whole, embodying a sense of completeness.


It’s not a dream—but a reality within your reach.



The Power of Your Thoughts and Words



You know, we live in the experience of our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs, and our words. They create who we are, they create our lives and they create our world. They make us as small and weak, or as big and powerful, as we allow them to. They make us fearful, anxious and hold us back, or they make us bold, confident and push us forward.


The relentless inner monologue of self-doubt can be so overwhelming, leading us to a life unfulfilled. But what if you could rewrite this narrative? Just imagine replacing those destructive thoughts with declarations of love, and worth, and empowerment.





What are you constantly, persistently, repetitively telling yourself?


If you’ve ever felt trapped and imprisoned by that inner critic, know that you’re not alone – mine was ruthless and kept me locked up in my prison for most of my life. Let me tell you this-there is a way out and the door is within you.


Recognizing the power of your inner voice is key to breaking free from the chains of self-limitation. It’s about evolving beyond old beliefs and stepping into a space of growth and self-love.



Are your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and words creating lack, pain, and fear in your life?

Or are they creating abundance, confidence and love in your life?





In truth, it is the constant, persistent, repetitive inner monologue in our heads that stresses us and overwhelms us, frustrates us, knocks our self-confidence, keeps us in fear, and makes us stay in situations, relationships, and jobs that we know aren’t right for us. It keeps us small; it keeps us stuck, and unhappy in our limited comfort zone; it keeps our energies low.


Lack of self-love, directed from the inner voice, silently and slowly transforms itself into many things. Just like a deadly virus, it breeds into a multitude of lacks; lack of self-worth, lack of self-care, lack of self-respect, lack of health, lack of balance, lack of confidence, lack of true awareness, lack of success and never feeling enough in any situation. It attempts to sabotage any efforts we make to change things – “Oh what’s the use, you can’t do anything right – nobody will ever love you – nobody even cares about you – you don’t deserve anything – anyone is better than you – you’ll never get anywhere in life – you’re useless – no matter what you do, you screw up – nothing will ever change, you’ll never be any different – what’s the point in even trying!” Any of these sound familiar to you?


Life is all about awareness – being aware of the inner monologue that rules our lives and being conscious of what is going on inside of us. It’s about growing and transforming our old, limited, conditioned concept of self; recognising and acknowledging all of who we are, and shifting from a limiting, disempowering state of being towards an empowering, loving state.


We need to know where we are coming from and discover our uniqueness, our strengths, our gifts, our talents, our passion and understand how we can bring them out into the world.





Your Personalized Path to Empowerment



I specialize in creating Bespoke I AM Statements and Meditations created just for you. These powerful affirmations, crafted from your unique experiences and astrological Birth-Day chart, are designed to resonate deeply, nurturing your soul and guiding you to uncover your inner Goddess, moving you towards your true potential.



The Transformative Power of “I AM”



“I AM” – these two simple words hold the key to your transformation. They are the declaration of your existence, the foundation of your unique identity, and the gateway to your divinity. Embrace them, and witness the unfolding of your true self.


At the core of your being lies the power to affirm your existence and shape your reality. The words “I AM” are not just a declaration of your presence; they are the foundation upon which you can build a life of fulfillment and purpose. When you begin your sentences with “I AM,” you are not just stating how you perceive yourself in the present, but also invoking the very essence of your being, your inner Goddess to align with these affirmations.


Listening to and repeating empowering “I AM” Statements – mentally or aloud – often, throughout the day, deeply affects your subconscious mind, that immediately gets to work to make your declarations come true; it kicks into action to bring the words you are repeating and the feelings you are feeling into your reality. You begin to attract into your life situations and conditions that can help you understand, receive and achieve what it is you really want.


Your whole being – body, mind, feelings and circumstances – is affected in an extremely loving and empowering way. The act of listening to and repeating positive “I AM” Statements daily help you to make positive, loving changes in your life, change your habits, achieve your goals, increase your motivation, become more focused, and attract opportunities for improvement and success.


Every repetition of an “I AM” statement is a powerful act of self-creation, sending a clear message to your subconscious. These declarations are seeds of intention, planted deep within your mind, poised to grow and manifest in your external world. Embracing “I AM” Statements is embracing the architect within you, capable of creating a reality brimming with love, success, and happiness.



BEspoke I AM Statements of Being



I create BEspoke I AM Statements of Being based on the information you personally give me after journaling some specific prompts, and from your astrological Birth Chart – I like to call it your Birth-Day chart – where we uncover the beautiful and empowering qualities and aspects of your Divine Feminine (Venus) and your Divine Masculine (Mars) and any shadow aspects you need to acknowledge, work on and let go of.



Unveiling Your Divine Energies



Through personalized I AM Statements of Being, you’ll explore the rich tapestry of your Divine Feminine and your Divine Masculine energies. Getting to know these archetypes is such an empowering experience. Discovering mine completely changed how I saw and knew myself, opening me up to deeper self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-transformation.This journey of discovery will not only reveal your inherent strengths and talents but also guide you in harmonizing these forces for a more balanced and fulfilling life.


With these I AM Statements of Being, you are declaring the highest form of who you truly are and what you came into this world to achieve and experience. It’s about letting go of the old limits, beliefs, feelings, and negative thoughts that you and others created for you. The more you listen to and repeat these statements, the more you become aware of who you truly are, the more you are able to silence that constant, persistent, repetitive, disempowering monologue within you.



Fiona Elizabeth creates the most beautiful and empowering I AM Declaration meditations bespoke to YOU. I have had mine a week now and listen several times a day and already I am changed, both internally and abundance coming my way so easily after weeks of no movement on both opportunities. Fiona Elizabeth takes a great deal of care and time getting the right phrases that fit exactly who you are and where you are and how you feel after an in depth conversation with her. She is a truly authentic, compassionate and beautiful soul/lady. Her work with my Divine Feminine and my Divine Masculine was amazing and made more sense of that chart than anything else could or has. It really helped to give me clarity and connection to myself.

The meditation is recorded beautifully and her voice is the voice of an angel and speaks to your soul like no one else does. Received in your soul like this, the meditation is effective very quickly and deeply and through all levels of your energetic, mental and physical layers (my pains are diminishing too). At different times, certain of the phrases are lit up to me and are the ones I practice during the day. I feel so much better and more empowered, grounded and connected, whole and complete, loved and loving, effective and strong, and the beliefs I have about myself now, from this meditation, have turned around into the positive and this is seen in my interaction with others and my general inner peace and happiness and in being able to take action on my true path in life. This, the meditation, is the very first foundation of healing or spiritual development and may be all you need, stop searching for other things: do this for YOU now. I am completely turned around and I cannot recommend her service and experience highly enough.


Victoria Ann Wright

Pet & Nature photographer,


Your Inner Goddess and The Divine Dance of Venus and Mars



Your astrological Birth-Day chart serves as a cosmic mirror, reflecting your inner world and the energies that shape your existence. By exploring the positions of Venus and Mars at the time of your birth, we can tap into the essence of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies—each of them a vital half of the whole that is you.


The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are two different expressions of our life force; two different expressions of the essence of who we are and what we do. They are two parts that make up a whole and complete each other. Together they shape the way we see ourselves and the world around us.


These archetype energies coexist within all of us; they have nothing to do with gender identification. They are part of the balance and harmony that exists throughout all of nature. For aligned, conscious creation and well-being, these energies need to be and work in harmony with each other. When they do so, they bring the energies of the cosmos and the earth together in a beautiful, empowering dance. We know our role in life, and that we are part of something so much bigger than ourselves.



Unveiling the Divine Feminine: Your Source of Intuition and Creativity



The Divine Feminine is what allows us to BE. She is inner-directed and heart-centred, cultivating a space where creativity and spiritual growth flourish. She embodies the healing qualities of deep inner knowing, higher intuitive and emotional wisdom, empathy, nurturing, unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, freedom from within. She is your Yin.


By embracing your Divine Feminine, you awaken to the richness of your inner life. Her energy allows you to be open, receptive, and connected with your true feelings and the deeper currents of life itself. She is the guide leading you through the darkness with her inner light, offering warmth, compassion and understanding on your path towards self-love and acceptance.


On your Birth-Day Chart, she is your Venus.


  • Venus – the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, governs the Divine Feminine within you. This energy is your source of intuition, creativity, and emotional wisdom. It’s the nurturing force that connects you to the flow of life, inspiring deep connections with others and the world around you. Discovering your Venusian qualities enables you to embrace compassion, empathy, and the strength found in vulnerability and emotional expression.




Embracing the Divine Masculine: Your Drive and Determination



The Divine Masculine is what allows you to DO. He is outer directed; his is the outer world. He embodies action, discipline, determination, assertiveness, and strength. He is faith-based and represents structure and form, logic, protectiveness, and much more. He is your Yang.


It is the force that encourages you to set boundaries, assert yourself, and pursue your goals with confidence. This energy propels you forward, offering structure and discipline to bring your dreams into reality.


The Divine Masculine is the protective force, the unwavering light that guides you through uncertainty with courage and clarity. By balancing this energy with the Divine Feminine, you create a harmonious dance of being and doing, feeling and action, that leads to a well-rounded and empowered life.


On your Birth-Day Chart, he is your Mars.


  • Mars – the planet of action, desire, and assertiveness, rules over your Divine Masculine energy. This force drives your ambition, your courage to face challenges, and your determination to achieve your goals. It embodies the outward push to act upon your desires, providing structure and discipline. Understanding your Martian qualities helps you harness your inner warrior, empowering you to set boundaries, assert your will, and pursue your dreams with unwavering confidence.





Integration for Empowerment



Understanding and integrating the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies within you is crucial for achieving balance and wholeness. This journey of discovery is not about choosing one over the other but about recognizing and honouring both, allowing them to work together in harmony.


We all have light aspects and shadow aspects of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and becoming aware of these profound aspects of our human nature is key to transforming any destructive aspects back into their original, life-affirming, balanced and loving natures, and key to understanding the specific role we came here to play. We be what we do and we do what we be. When we work in harmony with the unique expressions of our essence, then we stand empowered in the love that we are. Together they can rebalance our world.


As you embark on this path, you will find yourself stepping into a power that is both nurturing and bold, grounded and inspired — the true essence of your being.



A Personalized Path to Harmony and Empowerment



Through the lens of astrology, we craft a personalized path that respects your unique blend of energies. This journey is about balancing the nurturing, receptive qualities of Venus with the assertive, action-oriented attributes of Mars. Together, we explore how these energies express themselves in your life, guiding you to a state of inner harmony and empowerment.


As we align with your astrological blueprint, we uncover the keys to unlocking your full potential. This journey of self-discovery and empowerment is not just about learning who you are; it’s about becoming who you are meant to be. It’s about awakening your inner goddess and stepping into the world with a newfound sense of confidence, balance, and purpose.



Embrace Your Cosmic Journey



“Awakening Your Inner Goddess: A Journey to Self-Discovery and Empowerment” invites you to explore the depths of your being, guided by the stars. Together, we embark on a transformative path that harmonizes your divine energies, leading you to a life of self-love, empowerment, and fulfillment.



Fiona Elizabeth has the ability to really connect with people, support them and valorise who they truly are. Working with her is a chance to connect with myself each day and make meditation an integral part of my life. I love her meditations and all the exercises and tools she has given me to connect back to myself and balance my energies throughout my day.

Federica Bertamino


“The mediation Fiona Elizabeth made for me instils in me a kind of stillness that I haven’t experienced in quite the same way before. I feel it’s the purity of the energy that Fiona Elizabeth brings into the meditation. Her soothing voice creates a serene atmosphere and I love the idea that the meditation was created especially for me.”

Diane Brommer

Health and Wellness Coach,

Fiona Elizabeth is a natural nurturer and has a wonderfully calm and healing energy around her.  Working with her is a lovely experience, and she holds a very safe and nurturing space where you can explore your healing journey and feel very supported in doing so. Fiona reminds you to often connect back into yourself and breathe when you need it most, and her meditations are wonderful, along with her daily prompts for the I AM affirmations. She is one of the truly beautiful souls of this earth.

Esta Robertson

Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master,

Begin Your Transformation: Your Path to Awakening your Inner Goddess with Exclusive Bespoke I AM Statements of Being



Embarking on this journey towards self-empowerment is a profound commitment to your growth and well-being. Here’s how we’ll navigate this transformative path together, in four carefully designed stages:



Stage 1: Setting the Foundations with Introspection



Before we connect, I’ll guide you through a process of deep introspection:


  • You’ll receive thought-provoking questions designed to stir your innermost feelings, thoughts, and desires. This process of journaling is your first step towards self-discovery, helping us to identify the narratives that have shaped you and the beliefs that have held you back.
  • To tailor this journey to your unique essence, I’ll ask for your Birth-Day details – the date – the place and the precise time that you came into this world. This isn’t just about astrology; it’s about unlocking the energetic blueprint of your Divine Feminine (Venus) and Divine Masculine (Mars) energies at the moment you entered into this world. This blueprint will illuminate the path to embodying your highest self.



Your Birth-Day Chart was created at the exact magical moment you came into this world and is a blueprint of who you are and your purpose in this lifetime. It is more than a map; it’s a compass pointing towards your true north, revealing the gifts you came here with to share with the world, and the shadows from which you’ll find your strength. It guides you to know your qualities and talents, to face your shadows and challenging aspects and bring their gifts out into the light too, so that you can become the highest version of YOU. The choice to follow its guidance, or not, the choice to BE you and DO the necessary work, or not, is always yours. It is from your BEING that your DOING and your HAVING is born.



Stage 2: A Personal Connection



Our journey continues with a one-on-one session:


  • Through a 60-minute Zoom meeting, we dive deep into your personal discoveries from the journaling exercises, you’ll learn about your Divine Feminine and Masculine energies and the roles that they play, along with the I AM statements of being, in awakening your inner Goddess. This conversation is all about you—your dreams, your challenges, and your path forward.




Stage 3: Crafting Your Empowerment



With insights from our meeting and your Birth-Day Chart, I’ll create your Bespoke I AM Statements of Being:


  • These personalized statements are your daily reminders of your strength, your purpose, and self-love, designed to resonate deeply with your soul and empower your every step.



Stage 4: Living Your Statements of Being



The true magic happens in the practice:


  • Integrating your I AM Statements into your daily life is where transformation takes root and your inner Goddess awakens. Morning and evening, affirm your worth, your power, and your purpose with focused intention.
  • Beyond memorization, I encourage you to engage with your statements throughout the day—choose one each day to focus on, write it down, repeat it, and let its power unfold within you.



And There’s More: Your Personalized Recordings



To ensure your journey is supported at every step, I also offer something truly special:

  • I’ll personally record your I AM Statements with a soothing backdrop of meditative music. These recordings, personally voiced, become a powerful tool in your daily practice and are easily accessible whenever you want on all your devices.



This is Your Invitation



Your inner Goddess is waiting for you on the path to self-discovey and empowerment. With each step, you’ll discover more about your intrinsic worth, your untapped potential, and the strength that lies in your vulnerability. Let’s embark on this journey together, and unlock the door to your fullest, most empowered self.



Fiona Elizabeth created a beautiful personal meditation track for me that has supported me to take my work out into the world with a new sense of possibility and trust. Her gentle and inspiring words are a wonderful resource that I can turn to when I feel overwhelmed and need a sense of my own sacred space in the world. I would recommend Fiona Elizabeth’s support to anyone who wants to feel grounded, nurtured and inspired to move forwards on their own path. Thank you Fiona Elizabeth – I think your work is very much needed in the world.

Jane Robbins


How much is the investment?


The price for Awakening Your Inner Goddess: A Journey to Self-Discovery and Empowerment is currently £122.


The price for Awakening Your Inner Goddess: A Journey to Self-Discovery and Empowerment plus the personalised recording is currently £155.


Your Inner Goddess is waiting for you on the path to self-discovery and empowerment. So if you are ready to stand in your power and transform your life, now is the perfect moment.

It’s time to unlock the door to your fullest, most empowered self and allow yourself to blossom into the magnificent, unique being that you are!



With BIG Love and Fragrant Blessings

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