I’ve been thinking a lot recently of the importance of daily rituals and habits in order to stay connected to ourselves and Source. And while walking in my magical park this morning, I realised that this too is a daily ritual and I thought how much it nurtures me, empowers me, honours me and celebrates who I truly am.

Getting up early and dedicating time to me and my spiritual awareness has become non-negotiable for me. When something unexpected happens and I can’t follow my morning rituals, I can very soon feel myself getting more in the head, a bit overwhelmed and somehow the day just doesn’t flow in the same way.

My morning ritual is preparing a big mug of tea and, while I’m drinking it, read a few pages of an inspiring book, maybe write down a phrase or a concept or aha moment that resonates with me in my journal. I meditate for a while (how long depends on how early I have to leave home), I say my prayers of gratitude and my I AMs and I ask the Universe for a message for my highest good each day while I extract a card from an oracle pack that I particularly love – I photo the card on my phone so that when I have a moment or two throughout the day I can reconnect to the message and the Universe. All of these little rituals take me about an hour to do – less if I’m leaving home early, longer if I can.


Why do I follow these daily rituals?


Because they resonate with me, they make me feel good, they set the intention of my day ahead.

Every moment of our day is defined by our thoughts and beliefs and reactions and these are reinforced by our habits and rituals. They consciously, or unconsciously, define how we will move through our day.

We all have daily rituals habits whether we are conscious of them or not; whether they support us or not. They are not just spiritual, they can be anything, like…. watching your favourite TV programme every week, watching the news every evening, drinking coffee, tea or cola for breakfast, reading celebrity gossip, reading a page or two of a book before going to sleep, going to the gym after work, smoking 2 packets of cigarettes, spending fun time with friends or family, walking your dog, drinking a bottle of wine or two packets of chocolate biscuits when you are feeling down, walking in nature whenever possible, taking supplements….. the list is endless. We all have those that we know make us feel bad and bring our energy down, and we all have those that make us feel good and uplift our energy.

It’s not a question of a habit or a ritual being right or wrong, good or bad; it’s all about how they make us feel. If we want to feel happy, balanced and connected and grow in self awareness and love, we need to create rituals and habits that keep us present and focused and inspired.


Connecting to something bigger


Through daily spiritual rituals, we connect to something much bigger than ourselves, they are a demonstration, not only of reverence to Source, but also to our higher selves. They demonstrate a commitment to closing with the past and creating a new identity, a new form and setting new boundaries.

Whatever daily ritals or habits you have, or indeed before any decision you need to take or choices you have to make, ask yourself the following questions:

Does/will it nurture me?

Does/will it empower me?

Does/will it honour me?

Does/will it celebrate me?

If the answer is no, then maybe, just maybe, it is time to close with a past habit, ritual, situation or choice and begin to create new ones that honour and nurture and celebrate who you truly are so that you can stand empowered in your own truth and love.


I stand empowered in my truth and love. I honour, nurture and celebrate who I truly am.



Much love and Blessings

PS.. If  you  are  ready  to claim your true self, let go of what no longer serves you and create a life of love and joy for yourself, and would like some support in beginning your journey, then why not apply for a Fragrance of Being Session. It’s my gift to you.


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