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You know, I used to read so often that ‘all of life is energy’ and on a soul level I knew it was true. But living my life day by day, I just didn’t get it; I couldn’t grasp it intellectually.


Living life more consciously and being present in my body as much as I can, I have come to realise, and personally experience, that there have been, and there are, periods in life and episodes in daily life that help us to understand on a much deeper level, that this is a truth – everything in life is energy; energy vibrating at different frequencies. Yes, it is important to be aware of all the energies that are floating around us – from the planets, wireless frequencies, world issues, collective issues, family issues, our food, and all the other issues that are too many to mention –  but the most important thing of all, is to be aware of our own personal inner frequency, because it is this frequency; this vibration, that creates our experience each and every day of our lives.


Our inner frequency forms our personal vibration. Our emotions and our beliefs, our thoughts and our words all vibrate at a particular frequency, indeed, they create our personal vibration. Our vibration is according to our beingness and our energy melds with other energy that vibrates at the same energetic frequency. As they say “like attracts like”.


Unconscious imaginings and feelings



What we see in our lives are thoughts, words, feelings and beliefs that have crystalized, that have taken form, that have be-come, that have been created by our unconscious imaginings and feelings. If we are vibrating resentment and feeling unappreciated all day and every day, our vibration will meld with more of the same vibration; we will encounter people and experience situations that are vibrating at exactly the same frequency.


Continuously believing, thinking and saying that life is hard and everybody is against us, we will receive confirmation of this vibration every step of the way and we will continue to meld with more and more of like energy. Likewise, if we vibrate with confidence and love and gratitude, this vibration will meld with more of the same and we will receive confirmation of our confidence and love from the people we encounter and the situations we experience.





All suffering has the same root – forgetfulness. We have forgotten who and what we truly are. We have the infinite power of Universal Consciousness within us – indeed we ARE this Consciousness – and this power flows THROUGH us and out into the world around us. Everything comes through us, nothing comes to us from the outside. We are the creators of our experiences, we are the creators of our world.


When we are connected to ourselves and living from the heart, we are naturally in a higher vibrational state, when we are disconnected and living up in our heads we are in a much lower vibrational state. Yes, I know, it does sound oxymoronic that being up in our heads we are living in a lower state of consciousness and being down in our hearts we are in a higher state of consciousness! Yet, the only ‘real’ enemies we have are within us – fear, hate, doubt, worry, resentment, dread, and they certainly do not reside in the heart.

Self-knowledge and self-awareness



Self-knowledge is key; we need to be aware of what we are constantly giving our attention to and ask ourselves “Is this supporting me in raising my vibration or is it just lowering it even further?”. In every moment of NOW, we have the power within us to change how we experience life. Now.


When we consciously do what we have always done unconsciously; when we change our thoughts and acknowledge our emotions, when we let go of all the things that drain our energy, keep us stagnant or make us feel low, whether thoughts, words, people or situations, we change our vibration and consequently things change around us.


We can’t change others but we can change ourselves. By raising our vibration, we emit a higher vibration and the vibration around us is automatically transformed. Our beingness is then vibrationally ready to move onto the next level of our growth.


Want to change your life, change your vibration.



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BIG Love and fragrant blessings

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