Did you know that love also starts with the letter ‘G’? Yes, G for Gentleness.



Simply put, being gentle to ourselves is doing what we love and knowing what is best for us. It’s saying a big “YES” to things that make us feel nurtured and loved and saying a big “NO” to those that don’t!


I meet so many beautiful, amazing beings that deem themselves unworthy of love, that believe they are not ‘enough’ for love, that are convinced they will never find true love. But true love is unconditional love that comes directly from the heart – it asks for no measurements, credentials, certifications, trial periods or bank statements. True love has no ‘I love you ifs…’ attached: it demands no special conditions – none at all!


You don’t have to be a specific body size, weight or shape; you don’t have to be the ‘right’ height, have the ‘right’ colour eyes or a particular hair style. It doesn’t require you to prove yourself worthy; it doesn’t expect you to come from a precise country or neighbourhood; have gone to a distinct school or university; come from an exclusive family or be of a specific religion.


There are no requirements at all – ever! Love asks for nothing; it just is – always!



True love is a state of being



Unworthiness and not enoughness belong to conditional love
. These are all conditions of the head and requirements of others – family, society, culture, religions and governments. True love does not recognise any of these conditions;  it comes directly from the heart; it is a state of being. There is no way you that you are unworthy or not enough for true love. It is already in you; it comes from within you. When you recognise and acknowledge it, it fills you up to the brim and then expands and embraces and encircles everyone and everything.


The more you learn to love, respect and nurture yourself, the more you will love, respect and nurture others, the environment, the earth.


Being gentle is saying a big YES to things that make us feel nurtured



Someone asked me the other day “What does being gentle with yourself mean? I don’t know how to be gentle with myself! What do I have to do?”


Well, first of all, being gentle means giving yourself loving space; loving space to be you and nurture you and your dreams. It is acting in kind, understanding and compassionate ways towards yourself, no matter what happens; no matter what happened back then.


You know, life is a journey, it’s not a destination. We are all work in progress – we are all in the process of growing and transforming. We need to be patient with ourselves when we make mistakes because everyone makes them – everyone – no one is perfect and no one is without their weaknesses – and being gentle is putting aside all judgmental and negative thoughts towards ourselves and others.



Don’t waste precious time beating yourself up!



It means not wasting precious time beating ourselves up, wallowing in guilt, or chastising ourselves for mistakes we made along the way. It’s identifying the lessons and letting go of all those old/expired stories that we replay over and over again in our heads and those constant worries we create for the future. It’s accepting our past and embracing our present.

Looking after our health is being gentle with ourselves: tuning in to our body and listening to what it needs; drinking enough water; eating things that nurture us and avoiding unhealthy food and drinks; moving our bodies in any way that makes us happy, getting enough sleep, taking regular breaks during the day.


Allowing ourselves some quiet time every single day to slow down, relaxing and focusing on our own personal needs is gentleness.


Cultivating daily practices and rituals that ground us and uplift us; going within and learning to be with ourselves; strengthening and expanding our sense of self-awareness; reflecting and learning from the experiences we have outside; calming the negative clutter in our heads;  acknowledging our feelings and emotions, listening to what our heart and intuition is telling us, is being gentle with ourselves.



Doing what we love and knowing what is best for us



Being gentle to ourselves is doing what we love and knowing what is best for us; spending quality time with those we love and being with people who hold space for us, support us and inspire us; acknowledging and celebrating our achievements and successes – no matter how small they are; walking away from situations that no longer serve us, following our hearts and not doing what others expect us to do.



Simply put, it’s saying a big “YES” to things that make us feel nurtured and loved

and saying a big “NO” to those that don’t!




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Lovely being, be gentle with yourself EVERY single day – because love starts there; love starts with G!



BIG Love and Fragrant Blessings


Fiona Elizabeth

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