Meditation is not something you do



There always seems to be a lot of resistance to meditation because we have been led to believe that it is something we have to sit and do for hours, and in our busy lives it’s just not feasible because we don’t have enough time for ourselves as it is! In reality, however, meditation is not something you do; it is actually something you be. It is being; it is self-awareness; it is recognising your true self; it is a way of life.


Living consciously during your day is meditation. Going within and being present with yourself 1 minute at a time is meditation; breathing consciously for 2 minutes and saying I AM for 30 seconds is meditation; observing your thoughts and feelings and consciously moving your body is meditation, letting go of what you are not is meditation.



Consciousness of self




I wanted to share with you something that came to me today when I was looking at my logo for Fragrance of Being.


My logo is a garland of posies. The flowers are all different colours, all different fragrances, all unique, all threaded and entwined together. You cannot see where one flower begins starts and the other ends. They are all One.


Each flower represents a part of us – an emotion, a feeling, a gesture, a thought, an intention, an action. The stem that entwines all of these flowers together is consciousness of self.


Without consciousness of self each of the flowers are alone; they are more fragile; they are more vulnerable. They are separate.



Final Thoughts – Connection



With consciousness of self, they are connected, they are stronger and more harmonious together and each flower adds more beauty and grace to the garland, each blossom adds its unique essence to the fragrance of the whole.


The more you connect with yourself in brief moments of meditation, the more you allow yourself to Be, the more empowered your doing will be. Awareness of self is the thread that intertwines and aligns all the pieces together in one beautiful, harmonious and empowered whole.



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