The small beauties

Yesterday walking in my magical park, I decided to take the longer route through the grass that I only take when I don’t have a lesson or an appointment and am able to relax more and take things easy. I had taken the same route the day before and had unexpectedly come across a host of beautiful wild flowers that I had never seen before in the park. They were so lovely all together and I wanted to see them again before the predicted heavy rain fall of the next few days.

While I was walking through the grass, however, I was looking up at the big black clouds above me and my mind started to wander. I got thinking about how beautiful clouds are in all their shapes and forms and colours and how they always give me a warm sense of protection, as if I was being wrapped up in cotton wool. I thought how I particularly love those dark cloudy days with the sun rays gloriously shining out from behind them and how to me, even though we are not able to see the sun, it is eternally shining. Clouds are transient but the sun always shines for us no matter what is happening, even though we can’t see it. No matter what adversity we are experiencing in our lives, no matter how sad we feel, no matter how stuck we believe ourselves to be, when we are ready, things do change. These things, these experiences, like the clouds move on and we will see the sun shining once more. We must always give thanks for the sun and know that, through gratitude, we all have the power to lift the clouds in our lives.

In my head

I got so engrossed in my thoughts that I suddenly realised I had totally walked past the flowers and hadn’t even noticed them! I quickly backtracked to stand in front of them and enjoy their beauty as they danced in the gentle breeze. How beautiful they were. How many people had noticed them other than me? How many people had just quickly walked passed while they were on the phone or thinking of their problems, or worrying about this or that?

Although I was in my head thinking of positive, inspiring things, I was up in my head nonetheless, totally unaware of the beauty around me. I was missing the small beauties of life that surround us every single day, wherever we are, wherever we live. I had discovered those beautiful flowers the day before and had set the intention to return to them and so when I ‘woke up’, I was able to go back and enjoy them. But if I hadn’t seen them the other day, I wouldn’t have noticed them yesterday and I would have lost out on the beauty gifted by Mother Nature.

How often do we miss these gifts because we are immersed in our negative thoughts, our worries, our what ifs, our who do they think they ares, our if onlys, our can’ts, our won’ts, our don’t wants?

How much beauty and strength are we gifted every day that goes unnoticed:

  • the flower that, through extreme adversity, pushes itself up through a little crack in the pavement and blooms in all its magnificence that we just don’t notice;
  • the flowers, the mosses, the grasses, the mushrooms, the saplings that sprout forth that we just don’t see;
  • the joyful songs of the birds that we just don’t hear;
  • the wind that blows, the sun that shines, the water that flows, the earth that nurtures that we just don’t realise?

Unaware, we have so much to be grateful for in every single moment of our lives.


What small beauties have you encountered today? Make a commitment to yourself to start noticing what is around you and adding at least 5 small beauties to your gratitude list every day.

Today I am adding to my gratitude list: as always, the walks in my magical park with my beloved dog Fea; Mother Nature that is always lovingly with me wherever I am; the reminder of the beautiful yellow flowers of the importance of being in the now; the gentle breeze that lovingly caressed my face, the wonderful clouds that will bring the rain to water the park and that have also reminded me to always be grateful for the sun that shines no matter what.

Lovely beings start noticing the small beauties and gifts that the Universe sends to you every day. Know that your power is in your presence. The more you are present within yourself, the more you are empowered, the more beauty you have in your life.

Much love and fragrant blessings

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