Today I gave myself lots of self-love; I listened to my needs…

I hadn’t felt very well over the last few days and was taking two different antibiotics which were really upsetting my body and I hadn’t slept much during the night because my dog was ill. I couldn’t think straight, my head wasn’t connected to my voice and I realised I was in no way in a condition to stand in front of a group and teach. I needed to stay at home and rest.

I ended up ranting in my head for a while, worrying about doing it, worrying over their response, telling myself I was letting people down, getting annoyed with my body for not feeling well. I soon realised what I was doing and said ‘stop’!


Connecting to your inner self


I then started consciously breathing, connected to my inner self and listened carefully to my inner voice that told me I needed some rest, I needed to stop, I needed to be just with me. So I listened and called the company I was teaching in and told them that I wasn’t able to come today as I just didn’t feel well. Their actual response was not at all as my head had told me and they were actually super caring.

So I just sat on my bed and did whatever I felt like. I read a little, journaled a little, followed a couple of lessons on prosperity, meditated a little. I just lay and did nothing for a while too and I just connected and experienced the sensations of my body. I listened to my heart and I breathed in love and breathed out tiredness. I visualized a beautiful bright light all around me and connected back to the love and light that we are all made of.

This little affirmation came to me and I wanted to share with you…


I allow my mind and body to rest and be nurtured by the love and light and compassion of my heart. I rest in deep appreciation and knowledge that my energy and my vibration will rise up and be one with the loving vibration of the limitless light and love that is always within me and around me.



Self-care and self-love


We need to listen to our needs and let go of the notion that has been drummed into us that it is wrong to think of ourselves. Self-care and self-love has nothing to do with being selfish! Self-love means respecting, nurturing, being kind, showing compassion to your-self. The more you love and respect yourself, the more you love and respect others, the environment, the earth.

Self-love means taking responsibility for your life, your personal growth, your health and your happiness; filling yourself up with so much love that it can over flow in abundance to others. When you have no self-love, you have no love to give to others – you give duty, you give guilt, you give neediness to be loved and accepted, you give resentment, you give your pain because that is what you have inside you. You cannot give what you do not have. How can you quench anybody’s thirst with an empty glass!

Give yourself permission to rest and regenerate when you need to. Allow yourself to be nurtured by the love and light that you are.


Much love and Blessings

PS.. If  you  are  ready  to claim your true self, let go of what no longer serves you and create a life of love and joy for yourself, and would like some support in beginning your journey, then why not apply for a Fragrance of Being Session. It’s my gift to you.

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