This morning I arrived early at my magical park for a walk with my beloved dog Fea. As I was walking, I was filled with amazement at hearing so many different birds singing and chirping; I’d never heard such a wide variety before all singing at once and in harmony! I found the whole experience so uplifting and joyful. Listening carefully, I managed to identify about 8 distinct songs, each one was so beautiful and unique, and for a moment I thought to myself how this probably happens most days but it all goes unnoticed. How sad is that!

Boxes with labels


In our day today lives we rarely consider birds as distinct species, each with a different purpose and a different song to sing. We tend to put them all in a box labelled ‘birds’ – “The birds are singing”, “The birds are making a lot of noise”, “Those damned birds this morning –what a noise – I just couldn’t sleep!”! We don’t notice them or hear them unless we are consciously walking in nature and we listen joyfully to them or we are out of sorts with our lives and find them extremely irritating. Sadly, for most people, their unique songs are just background noise to daily life.

It’s the same thing for people too. We put everyone in boxes with big bold labels – colour – creed – nationality – gender – wealth – shape – qualifications – age – culture, and whatever else you can think of because the list is endless. And, obviously, it goes without saying that every single person in each of the boxes is exactly the same! People are objectified according to the box they are in – there is ‘I and them’ or there is ‘us and them’ (if I am in a box too!). We don’t see people (or any form of nature) as individual sentient beings with a distinct purpose in life, that feel pain or happiness, that have desires and dreams, that have a loving heart. It’s all about – if they are not in our box then they have no value and are not worthy of consideration.


Unique talents and gifts


Yet, just like the birds I listened to this morning, we all have our unique song to sing, we all have our unique talents and gifts to bring to the world and we all have our unique story to tell. Each and every being is gloriously unique and is here for a specific reason; each and every being has a divine purpose in this life. All suffering has the same root – forgetfulness. We have forgotten who and what we truly are. We try so hard to fit into somebody else’s boxes, we make such an effort to be somebody else and we create such pain in our lives by continually comparing ourselves to somebody else.

Each and every one of us is an individualised expression of Universal Consciousness – of Universal Oneness. We are all magnificent one of a kind beings. We all have our unique story to tell; we all have our unique song to sing, our unique picture to paint, our unique steps to dance. The time has come to open up all boxes, start acknowledging the wonderful diversity of this world and start listening with love to all the extraordinarily different voices and songs and stories.

Now is the time to stop trying so hard to fit into someone else’s box lovely being and use that time and energy to uncover your own unique purpose and unveil your own unique gifts and talents. Know that there is absolutely no other being in this entire universe like you – you are one of a kind – stand up now and joyfully claim your uniqueness!


Much love and Fragrant blessings

PS. If you are ready to claim your true self, let go of what no longer serves you and create a life of love and joy for yourself, and would like some support in beginning your journey, then why not apply for a Fragrance of Being Session. It’s my gift to you.

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