The days are getting shorter and shorter. The fierce heat of August and early September is finally cooling down and the sweat shirts and jackets are gradually coming out of the wardrobe, all clear signs that we are entering into the waning Autumn cycle of life!

My magical park is so beautifully green after the rain of a few weeks ago and the heavy dew of the evenings and early mornings. There is a beautiful amalgamation of the colours of the last days of the summer and the first days of autumn. The grass is still scattered with the joyful white daisies, the beautiful blue chicory flowers and the deep pink flowers of Malva. The walnut trees are dropping one by one their dark brown fruits and their green leaves are rapidly turning brown too and spiralling elegantly down to earth. The dark green hawthorn bushes are so majestically decked out with delightful little red berries and the Oak trees are already full of big green acorns, or oak nuts, that are already promising to drop very soon.

Seeds of unlimited potential!

This morning as I was walking past one of the oak trees in the park, I got to thinking about the imagery of the oak trees and acorns. You know, acorns are such wonderful symbols of growth and unlimited potential. They are the yearnings of being of the oak. Just think how one tiny little acorn has the potential to not only grow into such a magnificent and mighty oak tree but has the potential to seed an entire forest! How is that for unlimited potential! Yet don’t believe for one single moment that the Universe reserved the magnificent gift of unlimited potential only for the acorn! This gift was given to each and every one of us – absolutely no exceptions. Yet just as some acorns never grow into seedlings and some seedlings never grow into saplings and some saplings never grow into trees, we don’t always allow ourselves to grow into our full potential.

These precious little acorns are such wonderful teachers of life here on earth. They bear witness that something so small, yet so glorious, is just waiting inside of each of us to be discovered, nurtured and allowed to grow to its full potential. They remind us to take the time to look inside of ourselves and uncover the dormant seeds that are just waiting patiently to be recognised and acknowledged. These are the quiescent seeds of our dreams, our desires, the yearnings of our being, our life purpose.

Seeds take time to grow and be ready to sprout. They faithfully follow the cycles of seasons, knowing when it is time to rest and receive and when it is time to open up and push and grow and give. They allow themselves to be nurtured and loved by mother nature, building up their strength and persistence, and when the time is right, they courageously push up towards the light and are birthed into the world.

What magnificent seeds are inside of you lovely beings just waiting patiently to be discovered by you? What precious seeds are inside of you wanting to be nurtured lovingly by you and become stronger? And what extraordinary seeds are inside of you waiting to break out into the light and be birthed into the world?

Know that these seeds are already within you; they have already been planted within you; you were born with them. They are you; they are the seeds of your gloriously divine being. All you have to do is take the time, go within and find them.

Much love and fragrant blessings

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