Listen carefully, lovely being – You are unique! You are Uniqueness! There is nobody like you, there never was and there never will be.


Uniqueness is not only for the great and famous!


I know it’s not easy to hear, let alone accept, these words – they feel strange, frightening even, as if they are referring to someone else and not us, because we are used to believing that we are nothing and uniqueness is only for the great and famous! But hey! even science confirms it – your DNA is like no other person’s DNA; it is completely unique, as are your fingerprints! Nobody thinks like you; nobody perceives like you. Nobody imagines like you; nobody dreams like you. Nobody laughs or cries or feels like you and nobody hurts or loves like you. Nobody has your experience, has had your lessons, has your purpose in this life.

It is hard to perceive the beauty of our uniqueness, or even accept the thought of it, because we have grown up in a world of boxes created by people who in order to feel powerful they have to keep others down. We are taught that if we don’t fit into these boxes then we are bad and stupid, ugly and ignorant, selfish and arrogant, dishonest and hurtful; we are worthless and of no use.

Con-form = same form – same shape


To con-form means to make something similar to something else – same form, same shape. It means to live in boxes and act in accordance to the rules, beliefs, standards, expectations, traditions, creed, culture, education, the family, the spouse, mainstream thought. And in order to be accepted, we try so hard to con-form and fit in these boxes.

Yet, all we really manage to do is silence our voices, quash our spirits, extinguish our lights. We lose ourselves, we disconnect from ourselves, we disown our uniqueness. We fail to remember who we truly are, we forget why we have come here, we forget our purpose. We become fragmented and feel separated from everyone and everything.

Self-acceptance and self-love


The key to freedom and our true power is self-acceptance and self-love. Yes, self-acceptance and self-love. Loving and accepting ourselves completely, every single part of us, without exception. Loving and accepting ourselves with all our flaws, all our quirks, all our moods, all our mistakes, all our difficulties and all our wounds. Loving and accepting all of our light and all of our darkness. Loving and accepting all of our strengths and all of our challenges.

No matter how you feel in this moment and no matter what crazy things your ego is shouting at you in this moment – shout at it “STOP! Enough is enough!”


Take 3 deep I AM breathes and repeat…..

I AM Unique.
I have a unique purpose and it is my responsibility to discover what it is.
I love myself totally, utterly and without measure.
I stand tall in my true power.
I totally and completely love and accept myself.


And now finally accept who you truly are, own who you truly are – flaws and all – and stand in your true power. Embrace your uniqueness and shine your beautiful light out into this world as only you can!



Much love & fragrant blessings

Fiona Campbell signature


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