An empty cup cannot quench anyone’s thirst.


Let me ask you something …

*Are you continuously nurturing others, and never listening or acknowledging your own needs?

*Do you feel lost, insecure, lonely, worried, misunderstood, exhausted, and overwhelmed most of the time?

*Are you living each day as if it is just something to get through in order to someday live the life you long for?



What use is an empty cup when you are thirsty?



Just imagine for a moment being really, really thirsty and going to get yourself a cup, or a glass, or even goblet to drink from. It might be an ordinary tea cup, or a precious porcelain one, it may be an ordinary glass, or a crystal one, and your goblet may be beautiful, and colourful, and covered in precious stones, but the point here is, that whatever it is made of, and however beautiful it may be, if it is empty, what use is it to you right now that you are thirsty?


An empty cup, or an empty glass, or an empty goblet cannot give water to anyone. It cannot quench anyone’s thirst, nor can it quench your own. You have to fill it up first – yes, right up to the brim!



You can only give what you have inside.



When you do not take care of yourself, when you do not give yourself love or compassion or kindness, you cannot give love and compassion and kindness to others. You can only give what you have inside, and inside you will have resentment and impatience and intolerance and selfishness.


When you nurture yourself with love, with patience, with gentleness, and respect; when you listen to your body and you listen to your needs; when you do the things you love, and spend time in nature; when you read inspiring books, go to places of beauty, and spend time with people you love and enjoy being with – you feed your soul, your heart expands and opens like a rose in bloom. Then your goblet fills and fills and fills and all that love and patience and gentleness and respect that you have within you abundantly overflows out to others.



Feed your soul


It’s our responsibility, lovely being, to make the time to do whatever feeds our soul. It must be a priority in our lives, every day. Always! When we do, we feel so much better on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We feel happier and on purpose, and we have more energy to care for our loved ones. We emanate positive and loving energy all around us.



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BIG Love and fragrant blessings

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