You are working you; you are not being you



Being has nothing to do with work. If you are experiencing overwhelm, tiredness and stress, you are up in your head and over working. You are working you; you are not being you.


Being just is – being is presence – being is consciousness – being is self-awareness.


Self-awareness means that whatever you are doing, or what-ever is happening around you, it is taking place in complete consciousness. It means that you are totally there; you are fully present. You are aware of your feelings and emotions and what is going on in your body; you are aware of your thoughts and what is going on in your head; you are aware of your breathing and movements; you are aware of the energy circulating within you and around you.


Being is allowing yourself to be you. It’s consciously doing, what you always did unconsciously. It’s giving yourself the time to discover and explore who you truly are; it’s identifying yourself and not allowing others to do so anymore; it’s taking responsibility for your health and life in general; it’s allowing the love that you truly are to expand in your heart and circulate your body and mind and allow it to overflow out into the rest of your life.


Every wound and pain in our lives was created by unconsciousness, whatever happened in our lives, happened in unconsciousness. Now we need to live consciously; be aware of what we are doing, what we are thinking, what we are feeling, what our bodies are telling us – or indeed shouting at us, when we become ill.

The battle between the head and the heart



When we work so much and push and push ourselves to do more and more, when we believe we can’t stop, we are listening to the voice in our head. Remember that the voice in the head lives in the consciousness of separation and conflict and fear.


The voice in the head shouts… This is why you can’t; this is why you won’t; this is why you mustn’t…


On the other hand, the voice of the heart lives in the consciousness of union and wholeness and oneness.


The inner voice of the heart whispers….This is the chance to make things better; this is the chance to be whole; this is the chance to feel better; this is the chance to know who you truly are.


What we are experiencing is the battle between the head and the heart.


Whenever we listen to the gentle inner voice of the heart that wants to connect to our True Self and we resolve to make changes in our lives, the head goes ballistic and immediately creates conflict, things end up in stalemate and nothing changes.

Being present



When you say I’m going to stop for 30 seconds and breathe consciously – the head says “Oh let’s not bother, we’ve got so much to do and anyway what difference does it make!” But this is absolutely where the head is wrong, because it does make a difference and the more you stop , the more difference it makes!


Don’t allow the voice in your head to tell you that you don’t have time. Just say to that voice in your head ‘I hear you, but I’m not going to listen to you. I am going to listen to my heart.’


When you are present and connected and in the now, things change, things transform, things move.


Always remember that being present is the biggest present we can give ourselves!



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