Love yourself just as you are right now.


Let me repeat that. Love yourself just as you are in this very moment.


I hear so many women saying “How on earth can I do that? I just can’t! It’s impossible! Maybe when I’ve ….lost all these kilos, have better health, have that job, have that promotion, have that relationship, have bigger breasts, can fit into that dress….and the list just goes on and on!



Playing the Comparison Game



We are constantly playing the comparison game and, somehow, we always seem to fall short! Why? Because we hide what makes us different out of fear, shame, guilt, insecurity and we end up feeling bad and flawed and broken. We believe others are “better” or “more” than us. Trying to pretend we are what we are not, inside we end up feeling even more insecure and ashamed; we keep ourselves small, and this blocks us from living the life we so desire.


You know, loving yourself just as you are right now, doesn’t mean that you give up on wanting to be, or experience, a higher version of yourself. It means that you are aware right now of your value, of your uniqueness. You stop comparing yourself to others – because there is no comparison. You are not like others and how wonderful is that! You are you, you are not anyone else. You are special and unique.



You are a masterpiece in progress!



Your worth cannot be measured in numbers and statistics and bank accounts, nor can it be measured by your mistakes, or your experiences. You are worthy just because you are you. You are a spark of divinity, a divine being having a human experience; you are the earth and you are the stars. You are a masterpiece in progress!


Remember that anything fed and bathed with hatred, and anger and judgement cannot possibly grow and thrive. When you feed and bathe yourself with love, and gentleness, and kindness every single day, you finally begin to feel comfortable in your own skin, and you find the courage and inspiration to allow yourself to be more of who you really are.



Be the perfectly imperfect Sovereign of your life



What self-love does, is fill you up with enough courage and compassion to just be you, to accept yourself with all your beautiful flaws and imperfections and all, and you understand that everyone has them and nobody in this whole wide world is perfect. Who has the authority to define perfection anyway!! We are all perfectly imperfect! When you understand and accept your worthiness and uniqueness, you are more connected to your truth and your potential and this enriches your whole life.


You know, the work we need to do is not about trying to be-come something different one day;  it’s about expanding our awareness of self today. It’s all about being – allowing ourselves to be who we truly are, to know who we truly are;  it’s allowing our true self to emerge out of all those false constructs, all those negative beliefs, the pain, the wounds, the dis-empowerment, the lies and labels that we have accepted as truths about ourselves. It’s about standing in our own power, living comfortably in our own skin, authorized from within to direct and control our own lives – self- empowered finally to be the perfectly imperfect Sovereign of our own lives.



Know that you are a masterpiece in progress!




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So lovely being, love yourself just as you are in this very moment – because you are amazing!



BIG Love and Fragrant Blessings

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If you are ready to stand up and claim your true self; if you are ready to finally stand empowered in your truth; if you are ready to take an empowering journey back home to who you truly are, then why not apply for a Fragrance of Being Session. I’d love to have a chat with you and support you in taking your first steps. Just click on the link to book a session; it’s my present to you.

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